Saint John

Kids, drugs, and booze

Your goal as a parent is to prevent use of drugs. Written here is the information needed to fight today’s drug problem. This will help parents recognize the signs that might mean their kids are getting into illegal drugs.

  • Learn about Drugs – Be better informed in order to fight the drug problem that children are faced with today. Learn facts on the dangers of drugs; learn how to protect children from illegal drug use, etc. Once parents are informed they are better able to sit down with their children and talk about the illegal drug problem.
  • Discuss Dangers of Drugs Early – While children are young give straight facts on drugs and tell them how to steer clear. By the time kids are in middle school, peer pressure to use drugs may already be strong.
  • Look For Signs – It’s not easy to tell if your child is using drugs, but there are signs to watch for. Look for changes in behavior and changes in physical appearances. For example: acting more secretive or irritable; less motivated; spending time with a new group of friends (and not talking about them); less able to think fast; increased appetite; and declining performance at school.
  • Be Firm – Spot it! Stop it! If your son/daughter is using drugs, tell him/her that you cannot allow them to continue to use drugs. Discuss the physical and mental dangers of illegal drugs. Try to find ways that you can help him/her resist pressure to use drugs. Be persistent in efforts to keep kids drug free.
  • Seek Help – If the problem is too much for you, do not be afraid to seek help . There are provincial or local drug or alcohol abuse organizations that will help you to cope with a drug problem. Work together with other concerned parents in the community.