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How To Choose A Role Model

A teen’s personal view on choosing a role model

Do you feel like you are going through a period in your life where you are trying to figure out who you really are, or who you want to become? Or are you at the age where you try to become someone else, simply to impress others? This is a normal stage for teens and preteens to be going through. You are searching for your true identity and looking to others for direction and guidance. It is during this time in your life when you are seeking out potential role models, whether it be your parents, teachers, movie stars, singers, or star athletes.

Walk into any teenager’s room and you are likely to come across posters of teen idols wearing too much makeup and too little clothing. If this sounds like a familiar sight when you walk into your own bedroom, you’re not alone. Your walls are likely plastered with posters of singers like Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, or the Jonas Brothers. Or maybe you are interested in sports celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Anna Kournikova, Sidney Crosby, or Lisa Leslie. No matter who it is you look up to, these individuals act as role models for many youngsters around the world. Their actions, beliefs, values, and fashion sense are imitated by millions, as teens want to act like, dress like, and be like their idols.

So what exactly is a role model anyway? A role model can be any person who is looked up to and imitated by others. A good role model would have high moral standards, good family values, and act and behave appropriately. Someone with that confident, independent, “I’m in control of my own life” vibe. Another important feature we look for in a role model is someone who is hard working. Pop star Taylor Swift is a great example of what a celebrity role model should be like. She expresses her belief that she has a sense of responsibility to her fans, she expresses what she loves and how she feels, and she does not wear extremely suggestive clothing, as many celebs often do.

It’s easy to create a list of characteristics that would be great for a role model to possess, but no one is perfect. With all the new up-and-coming celebrities competing to be recognized, the positive qualities a role model may hold are often abandoned in favor of the sexy, rebellious and standout behaviours that grab your attention and influence you the most. So what kind of images and ideas are today’s hottest celebrities representing to teenagers? What are your celebrity role model’s good and bad qualities, and is his or her overall image going to help you, or hurt you?

While singer Brittany Spears may be a great entertainer, she may not be the best choice for a role model. Although Spears is a sweet and caring person, her unpredictable behavior and revealing style of dress is often an issue, as many young and preteen girls idolize her, wanting to dress, act, and be just like her. Overall, this pop star has both positive and negative role model qualities, but when she is up on stage wearing next to no clothing it is rather difficult to recall her innocent childhood ambitions. A great deal of attention is given to celebrities as they live their lives in the spotlight. Because of this they must realize that they have a responsibility to the public and act accordingly, as they are role models to many youth. The purpose of identifying a celebrity’s positive or negative traits is simply to be aware. If we see the negative images a celebrity displays we can avoid being influenced by them. Instead, we can recognize the good qualities of people, which are going to help us become a better person in a positive way. As non-celebrities, we also need to be aware of our own actions as someone, such as a little brother or sister, or maybe a younger cousin, could be looking up to us, whether we know it or not.

How To Choose A Good Role Model?

  • Pick someone who is kind, has high morals and values, and is a good person.
  • A friendly and knowledgeable person is also a good choice for a role model.
  • Not only celebrities can be role models. Often the best role models are those standing right in front of you. Example: friends, family, teachers, etc.
  • Those who are involved in your daily life will have the most profound impact on you, therefore they may be the best role model for you.
  • Don’t let peer pressure, the media, or TV exposure force you to look, act, or dress in a certain way.