Saint John

Dealing with Peer Pressure

What is a Peer?

A peer is someone around your age. A peer could be someone in your class at school or a friend on a sports team or in an after-school activity.

What is Negative Peer Pressure?

Negative peer pressure is when one of your peers encourages you with words to do something that is wrong, dangerous, or illegal. Examples could be cheating on schoolwork, stealing, smoking or using other drugs and alcohol.

10 Responses to Negative Peer Pressure:

  1. Simply say “NO” – “No thanks”
  2. Leave the scene.
  3. Ignore the peer(s).
  4. Make an excuse – “I can’t. I have to go do my homework.”
  5. Change the subject
  6. Make a joke – “Sorry, I have to go home…I’m expecting a call from Michael Jordan!”
  7. Act shocked – “Are you crazy? That could hurt us!”
  8. Use flattery – “You’re too smart to do that.”
  9. Suggest a better idea – “Why don’t we watch a movie instead?”
  10. Return the challenge – “What’s the matter? Too scared to do it yourself?”